Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Recovering from a Breakup - Breakup tips

I think it's important to remember that breaking up is usually harder than forming a relationship, so look before you leap...

It's quire concerning how women struggle with the thought of moving past a break up. With the hundreds of alternatives to go by, to move on after a break up would be as simple as moving up a grade. To forget your ex boyfriend, first you have to focus, then you utilize your resources and lastly, you don't give up.

1. Focus. The reason why some kids don't push through their studies is because they lose control of themselves. It is the same thing when moving on from a break up. You should keep your eye on the prize and work for it. Let go of any doubt or regret over things that you could have done and just keep your mind locked on the future. Establish a goal and aim for it through the next step.

2. Utilize your resources. You had things going for you even before you and your ex got together. So you'd be fine living without him now. You do not need him to survive nor to be happy. There are a number of other entertainment sources for you. It's like when you face the challenge of finishing school, you have to hit your books and take notes. You can take on a tutor and engage in a few extra curricular activities for additional credit. It's a similar thing for your life. Acquire guidance from family and friends. Find more helpful references on how to get over your ex boyfriend. If you are easily discouraged in pursuing it, take a break until you get your footing back. And of course, you have to diversify and broaden your exposure so you do not get bored easily.

3. Don't give up. Don't be surprised when you don't get everything right the first try. But you shouldn't stop pushing. If you feel like you are relapsing or getting too vulnerable, hold your ground until everything settles. If you do fall, get back up. And just keep on going until nothing hurts or scares you anymore.

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Dating - Is Your Partner Co-dependent?

Getting involved in a relationship with a clingy, co-dependent individual is something you want to avoid at all costs...

Every now and then, we see people asking if something is wrong with their boyfriend or girlfriend. It's good to take a refresher course in potentially damaging relationships.

 Here's some quick warning signs:

They never seem to have fun. Their emotions are suppressed in everything, in fact; everything is "just OK" with them.

Low self-esteem. Never feeling that they're good enough.

The slightest change upsets them.

Impulsive. They never think a relationship problem through, instead just looking for a quick fix.

Zero self-confidence, as if they still thought of themselves as children.

Clingy and insecure.

Fear of strong emotions. Especially internalizing everything that's around them, like if you got upset because your car broke down they'll think you're mad at them.

They're a living doormat.

The thing with codependents is, sure you can love them and even have a relationship with them, but they will burn you out. The load is all on you. If you think you have a codependent, consider counseling and therapy to try to treat issues, and also consider that they may be diagnosed with anxiety or depression, which tends to go together with codependent behavior.

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Belief in Love Creates Success in Love

There's no free lunch - and that applies to the world of relationships as well...

My father and I were folding laundry, the piles were up to our knees. It had been a particularly rough week in our house. There were six of us after all and my mother and he had been fighting about something. I can't remember what, most likely something to do with the logistics of raising six humans. Should Eliot really go off to soccer practice in Marietta or should he stay at the camp in Athens? Or, should the girls really go to that party at so and so's house whose parents may or may not be home?

My parents had a very unique relationship. Unlike parents I witnessed at my friends' houses, my parents would often be spotted kissing in the kitchen while preparing dinner and they would stay up late into the night talking. Not fighting or arguing, but deep in conversation, passionate conversation about their work, life, us kids, and each other. They didn't waste time with things, like television. They were in love, yes, but they were also best friends.

When my father died, part of my mother died with him. In this moment, buried in the laundry, I felt struck to ask him a bold question. "How do you do it, Dad? How do you still love Mom so much after all of these years? Even on days like this."

It only took him a moment to answer, "I always knew, even though my parents had gone through a terrible divorce, that I would find the love of my life some day and that I would be madly in love with her. I believed in love." He paused and kept folding and then added, "and so did your mother. Look at her family. Divorce, horrible, horrible things but she still believed. We both believed. And then we found each other."

It made complete sense to me, they believed in love. More importantly, they believed in their relationship. The believing being the key. Because nothing can existing without a belief that it exists. Especially love.

Belief in motion.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Virtual Dates - Are People Giving Up On Meeting Someone Real?

Societal changes are happening faster and faster, and the changes these days seem to mostly be for the worse - including changes in the world of online dating...

Realizing that matching people via computers was a masterful marketing gimmick that surprisingly worked, the online dating industry is looking into providing singles with various autonomous digital relationship services.

Freed of disappointing first dates and having to bathe, people are leaving dating sites like Match and POF in droves, instead signing up for various virtual boyfriends and girlfriends.

Check out this new SMS service called that allows men to save a phone number into their cell under whatever girl's name they choose, and then receive random, girlfriend-like responses via text.
Thank you Forbes for bringing this to our attention. Dealing with real people was getting too complicated. A few more fake girlfriend choices. Not to leave the ladies out, they can have a fake boyfriend text them at

Eharmony has been in talks with various fake relationship companies for a while now. Meetic had a prototype running for a while, but it only spoke French and was too bossy for American tastes. The PlentyofFish virtual dating system, which Markus wrote in a single weekend (actually over a cup of coffee),  remains a skunkworks project ever since they started making more money with Daily Deals than on dating.
These services are the 1.0 version of virtual relationships. I've tried them all and am now dating Siri. She's attentive, knows me well and is much for fun to talk to than these crude fakes. In fact, when I'm in the mood, Siri will go out and find me mid-30s women in Boston who like sushi and Radiohead, talk about the ultimate wing-entity. Who new Apple was going to upend the dating industry?

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Background Checks When Dating Online?

Background checks for online daters - somebody's making money but will it help or hinder the online dating process?

There are hundreds of background check companies that offer services directly to singles. They all think they
can make money in the dating market. Truth is, except for one or two companies with direct dating site partnerships, dating sites for the most part don't want to offer background checks and these third-party solutions are going to require huge online marketing budgets to get the attention of singles.

Some dating sites appear to be warming up to the idea of identity verification, which has its own set of thorny issues in terms of how people react to search results with some people being verified and others not. At some point do I lose out if I'm not verified? Why do I have to pay more just to be on even ground with everyone else? And how will free sites deal with this? A freemium upgrade or avoid them entirely?

And how the heck do you ask someone to get verified? Talk about awkward. There are actually some neat ways to go about enticing people to sign up for these services, but I'm not seeing them used out in the wild...

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Facebook Makes Online Dating Easier

Facebook for dating? Sounds like an idea that should have been implemented already...

Have you looked at the new Subscribe button on Facebook? Among other things it lets people read your updates without being your friend. This, my friends, is yet another indication that Facebook is rolling out features that can ostensibly be used for dating. They just need to read the rest of this post and figure out if more granular subscription options or group invites is the best way to go about sharing specific Facebook data with romantic strangers.

This week I've had a number of people tell me about their experiences sharing their Facebook profiles with potential dates. Here's one way to make Facebook for you in your dating life: Create a new group called AboutMe or something similar, post items you want potential dates to be able to view, and share your facebook url with them.

What would be even cooler is a link that decays over time, becoming inoperable after say 72 hours. That way you know that those creepers can't get back into your profile after a first glance.
The subscription button could also allow longer-term access to profile data, sort of like what OkCupid has been doing for years.

Is Facebook going to undermine the entire online dating industry? Of course it is, just a matter of time. Until then, singles should use their Facebook profiles to share details about their tastes, personality and preferences with potential dates. You know, the things that traditional dating sites aren't very good at doing. After all, you've probably never seen a Facebook post start with "I can't believe I'm doing this"...

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Are Your Children Starting to Date?

Should you be worried when your children start to date... You betcha!

Oh, is that ever a chilling headline for the parent of teenagers! Well, fear not, for author Lisa Jander has written a book called "Dater's Ed: The Instruction Manual for Parents". It's based on the idea of "Driver's Ed" from high school. Yes, teens will groan and roll their eyes as parents the world over read out loud from this manual and give tests.

For the teens and young singles, parents owe you an explanation. Because you're wondering "What gives with mom and dad? Why are they so uptight? Did they expect me to be a nun?" Well, it's natural to feel defensive about your kids. It's less about micro-managing who you love and why - than it is about putting you on safety watch so your folks don't have to lie awake at night with pictures of psychos and stalkers go through their heads.

That being said, any parent should acknowledge that they're going to be wrong about who their children date at least 25% of the time. How could you possibly not get it wrong? You're a parent!

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Breaking Up Via Text Messaging

Break up via text messaging? Not only are you burning your bridges, you are scattering the ashes...

What's the point of blogging if you aren't going to shake things up every now and then? So we're going to have to disagree with this MSN News story's claim that breaking up by SMS is a bad thing. Yes, it's cheesy and tacky. Get used to it, because that's us.

See, Internet communication is the standard and it's never going away. When they invented the phone, for a while everybody was saying that you don't use the phone for "formal" communication matters, but notify by post or telegram instead. When telegrams came out, they were to be used for trivial communications and everything else should be post. And so on and so on.

Bah! People are using SMS to do everything from propose to dump to announce pregnancy. It's going to happen anyway. We may not like it, but the times are changing. To hold any other position would be akin to being a Luddite.

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Women Conduct an Online Dating Social Experiment

Here's a real world example of what happens when a typical woman places and online singles ad. Good tips on what makes a great online dating profile.

Dating - From Online to Offline

Lighten up, it's only a real date...

I see a great, informative post over at Evil Woobie on a subject we don't see covered often, How To Transition From Online Dating to the First Date.

It gives some good advice, and you have to chuckle over the part where you're advised to " past chats and take note of the promises that you gave in the past". Heh, we talk a lot when we're flirting and don't remember everything, so we have to keep our story straight, huh? Never truer were the words "an honest person never has to remember anything".

My own little part to add: people should be looser about meeting up for dates. So many online daters agonize for months before finally going out to meet in person. What's everybody so shy about? Don't you strike up conversations with the person next to you on the subway, or talk to people at work? So if you don't expect that every person will be "The One", and just go to have fun and socialize, you'll overcome your shyness and who knows, maybe even click with somebody that you thought wouldn't work out.

My other idea: for those people who don't know how to describe themselves, two of these kind of people can agree to meet for an "evaluation date". The purpose is just to socialize, get to know each other for an hour, then you both agree to go home and write the other person's profile! there, now you have a description of yourself as somebody else sees you. This can be a benefit, because people frequently forget to list their best qualities.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

What Your Partner's Film Tastes Says About Them

Nearly every online dating website has a section of the profile where singles looking for love can say what kind of films they like. Well, that's not just for comparison! Certain genres of films attract certain personalities, and you can tell a thing or two about them from these preferences.

Comedies (Teen)
example: American Pie, Porkys
Teen comedies usually revolve around sex, love, and the frustrations of functioning in the world. Fans of this kind of film feel awkward in life and identify with the protagonist as they fumble through a series of embarrassing mishaps. They have a very broad sense of humor and are very social.

Comedies (Alternative)
example: Monty Python, Clerks
These are the thoughtful, intelligent types. Monty Python and Kevin Smith appeal to the geeks and nerds, and generally a highly educated crowd. Look for analytical and scientific types to flock to these.

Science Fiction
example: Star Trek, A Scanner Darkly
Note that we do not include Star Wars, because that's an action/adventure series. True science fiction draws fans with a strong imagination who like to think. Think of quiet, contemplative people who are very well-read.

Superhero Series
example: Dark Knight, Transformers
Superheros and their uber-villians represent very simple morality plays. Fans of these films like their problems simplified so they can come up with a solid solution. They admire strength and courage, and are given to having a strong character.

example: National Treasure, Star Wars
Similar to superhero films, action films are also a genre that appeal to people who enjoy the simple pleasures in life. But they're more into the action for action's sake. Look for thrill-seekers here, and people who are spontaneous and energetic.

Chick Flicks
example: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Sex in the City
In spite of the name, both men and women who watch these kinds of films are very intelligent about emotions. To them, romance is one of the most important things in life. Look for people here who are empathic, sentimental, and tend towards kindness.

Scary Films and Thrillers
example: Saw, Hellboy
Contrary to what you might expect, the biggest fans of horror films are the kind of people who aren't scared easily. So look for people who are very imaginative here, and also very empathic! Also look for emotionally intense people with a good grasp of issues and who are not easily ruffled.

High Fantasy
example: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter
Amongst fans of these films, you will find the starry-eyed dreamers for whole life is a wondrous spectacle. Look for people who may be older 'but refuse to grow up' - in a good way! They're spontaneous and creative, and love to be surprised.

Crime/Spy Drama
example: Ocean's Thirteen, The Borne Ultimatum
These films are more about what the characters are thinking than anything else, as the various characters pit their wits against each other. The fun in these films comes from trying to unravel the clues and figure out the puzzle. This crowd loves a mental challenge. Look for high IQs, sedate lifestyles, and a dramatic flair.

3D Animation
example: Shrek, Kung Fu Panda
The high-tech enthusiast is a typical fan of 3D animation. They might even have a career in computer graphics themselves. At the least, you'll find a young, smart, and hip crowd who is likely to have a Blackberry or an iPhone holstered. Also, parents love these kinds of films because their children do.

example: Fullmetal Alchemist, Deathnote
Now, anime fans are a very unique subset. Anime and manga (printed comics) run together and frequently hover around science fiction, action, and fantasy themes. So blend together the typical fans of those genres, but add in a double dash of creativity and a childish sense of wonder.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Tips on How to Reunite With Your Ex Lover

Taking time to come to ones senses after a breakup is a required first step.

When a relationship comes to an end, possibly one or both persons involved may well be left behind in a situation of deniability. This is most especially accurate when a reasonably young romantic relationship ends. A number of men merely can't endure that their girl dumped them. They find themselves contemplating if she'll be there once more when he awakens the next morning, like it were all a nightmare. If you're considering how you can get back together with your ex lover, it's important that you come up with a plan of action as a way to win her back.

In case you wish to come back together with your old flame, there are just a few needed measures that you have to follow through with. Here are five guidelines that will help you get the strategy started on a certain note.

 Absolutely everyone warrants a 2nd possibility, so every optimism is not misplaced if you would like to have your old girlfriend back. Still, you need to clarify certain critical questions. Do you still have strong feelings for her? Do you surely expect her back in your everyday life? What is the reason? Are you just attempting to get her back considering that you don't like to be lonely? Do you feel she separated with you for the bad reasons? You ought to assure that you aren't hoping to settle together with your former lover for the incorrect. motives for you to avert more affliction.

You won't show up grief-stricken or poor if you aim to go back together with your ex girlfriend. This kind of things is likely to probably send her farther away. Regardless that you may buried in an impression of despair, you would need to deal with your sentiments around her. In case you will not do this, it may perhaps be perfect to talk with a relative or a dear friend before you can right before you try speaking with your ex. Sobbing and pleading will never win back her attention; neither will prowling her, of course.

Neglect about self pity and hold your outbursts within control hence you can concentrate on returning together with your old flame lady. In the event that you come as too needy, hopeless, or even a little weird, she may wind up keeping away from you altogether.

Continue to keep chatting to your ex partner and permit her understand that communication is always open between you. She may very well have ruined the loving facet of your relationship, yet that's no basis for you to generally be whatsoever but decent towards her. You don't instantly have to become the one who always begins these talks, but you ought to be open to say hi and maintain ordinary conversation with her necessary to uphold contact.

Most essentially, examine what went inappropriate in your affair with her. No romance ends without having a valid reason, hence if you desire to return together with your ex lover you have to uncover what the huge issue was. Understand what brought on the fights you had, what wishes she thought weren't being met, and try handling those issues.

 Relationships can be complicated at times, and some thing that you need to continuously work on each individually and as partners. Nevertheless, just as they can be demanding, don't forget that they can likewise be very gratifying. Download my zero cost ebook and videos, and explore the techniques you will need to take to assist you.

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Couture 2011 wedding dress

Your spending budget might not say couture wedding dress to you, but you can find techniques so you can have a couture made dress and not have it breaking the bank. Many individuals associate a couture wedding dress with substantial finish designers but in fact there are many lesser acknowledged designers and suppliers who can produce dresses applying couture methods and which will be inside of your budget.

Your first step should be to try to find secondhand couture wedding dresses or sample sales from up market place wedding boutiques. The two of these options can deliver you with dresses at vastly decreased prices merely simply because they are worn or tried on. You might also get lucky and come across a couture dress that has never ever been worn for what ever explanation but at a bargain price. Look into listings on the web and as part of your neighborhood classifieds. Or you can go to dresses shop to locate discount wedding dresses.

Though I pointed out samples sales already, you need to also look out for sample sales out of your favourite designers to fine awesome wedding dresses. Quite a few will hold a sale after or twice a year to sell off past season styles and also other dresses they have cluttering up their boutiques. Bookmark their internet websites as well as your favourite directories to be kept informed about up-coming revenue and open days.
Vintage can be a massive look which has been preferred for weddings for some many years now and it can be often the situation that vintage couture wedding dresses can price a fraction of their present day equivalents. A word of caution though about vintage dresses: they're typically cut tiny as our foresisters have been generally petite in comparison to bride's of at this time and if they have not been stored meticulously they may very well be extremely fragile to put on. Like cap sleeve wedding dress is excellent to all people.

The Choices

There are a bunch of actually excellent designers in regards to couture wedding gowns. One particular fantastic example could be Janell Bert. She is definitely an extraordinary designer using a pretty inspiring historical past. In 2004, Bert was presented a exceptional award in Las Vegas by the International Bridal Makers Association (IMBA) for your superior of embroidery and astounding handiwork on her bridal gowns.

Until finally these days, Bert continues to layout n couture wedding gowns and is currently also a costume consultant for numerous regional theaters, she creates greater than three hundred costumes every year.

Lulu Yang is yet another marvelous designer for couture wedding gowns, their enterprise locations their feet within your shoes so that you can share your vision for the wedding. Should you approach them for consultation, they'll broadly discover your preferences, which include things like the silhouette, color palette, textile, and idea.

They will make it easier to out in deciding the ideal gown for you personally. Each and every gown in their collection is best, with flattering design and style lights to give emphasis on your most effective assets and couture good quality. They only have 1 issue in thoughts, to produce you really feel comfortably and gorgeous in your wedding day.


You would wish to be have loads of entertaining and happiness devoid of worrying about income, but wedding gowns, especially couture gowns are sold with enormous value tags. It would be a smart move to possess a spending budget for by yourself before you go and get you dream wedding gown, with this it is possible to have a standard strategy to follow and not go beyond your spending budget.

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Use Your Network to Get Beyond An Affair

Sometimes when we make decisions alone we make stupid decisions...

Concerning getting over an affair - one of the elements which can make a whole world of impact with regard to recovering is getting that support team there for you. It may be that many in your community have experienced everything that you are feeling at this point therefore you'll have a extremely attentive target audience that can and will provide you with some important guidance.

The last point at this stage is arguably the most important. At this time you are probably not prepared to listen to what you should and also must not do. Having your feelings out there on view can perform a whole world of good. In certain ways this operates like a detoxification. Voicing your own worries as well as other emotions that at this point are most likely in a wild state of flux can easily build the foundation for the purpose of moving forward in your existence. Keeping it inside of is without a doubt your right however it could be a massive hurdle to recovery.

But there is often another barrier when discovering how to get through an extramarital affair Family and friends are generally the support community most people prefer to get through difficult times. It's only natural to seek out folks close to you as opposed to looking for people who share the same encounter however are by and large completely unknown to you.

However even though friends and family have your best interest in mind they oftentimes can make the problem far worse particularly when you are looking at making up with your significant other.

Sure a few of them have dealt with precisely the same issue within their very own life or have been close to somebody who has. That does not imply you need to instantly go to these people to get assistance or suggestions.

Family members and good friends who are on your side tend to make stuff tougher by simply dragging you where you do not desire to proceed by putting propane onto your currently erratic feelings. They explain to you for instance that they didn't like or trust your philandering mate. From the outset they just had the wrong sense about this individual yet wished to spare you.

But because the marital affair has been found out absolutely no kind of hindrances exist so they let it fly with all the hate and pent up emotions they can muster. After a while the drumbeat gets louder and angrier. You start to believe it because it appears like they were correct from the start regarding the spouse.

It is not too long afterwards the buddy and/or family member gets their own help group. They are not really present to offer you comfort as they are to bolster exactly what your friend or relative has been telling you. They as well had the wrong vibe about your mate from the jump. And it goes on until reestablishing your marital relationship gets to be the actual furthest idea from your mind. The only thing you're interested in is how quickly you could get the separation and divorce proceedings started.

This could also move the opposite direction. Your social circle likes your cheating spouse. Occasionally you will get this impression they like them more than you. If you attempt to express what is happening your own crew refuses to believe it.

Truth to tell they change details all around in order to turn you into the heel. Your spouse had infidelities because you did something wrong and if you don't pull yourself together you will only force them to leave. You actually went to your community to get help and they only made you feel worse than ever by simply placing all the responsibility on your own front doorstep.

When it comes to how to get over an affair it is important to choose very carefully what person you are going to confide with. Certainly not everyone in your community circle needs to know what is occuring with your relationship.

Even with the persons you do put your trust in enough to talk about the actual personal information make certain that it's on your terms and conditions. Make up your mind what you want from the support group before you explain to them what is happening. Accept the comments however stay in charge regarding what you should and will not necessarily consent to. The main intention will be your recovery and what your circle can assist with to get you there. Whatever deviates from that route won't be good for you.

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The Lives Of Celebrity Couples - Are They That Much Different?

As much as we study the lives of celebrities... we should all be experts.

It has been noticed that celebrity couples have to face more issues than other couples who do not have fame. Some of the issues in a celebrity include irregular working hours, more frequent public appearances and other complications.

Due to the high-profile career, these people do not have time to spend with each other. This can lead to repeated arguments, not to mention the general uncertainty when your partner is around interesting people.

Celebrity couples having splits with their partners include singer Patti Labelle who had been divorced after 31 years of getting married; actor Danny Glover who took divorce after 18 years of wedding and singer Diana Ross who went for marital tiff after 14 years of marriage. There is a lot of responsibilities which celebrities have to take care of.

Anyone can fall in love at anytime. Everyone of us experiences love in his or her lifetime. We may point out that the celebrity couple is not in love. In addition, more couples are living and enjoying a good life while maintaining their careers. These couples have shown that situations cannot destroy the relationship if it's true. Maintaining a relation is not at all a difficult task as some people may thing it as.
The newly married people should not give up a relation as they must try to work on it else, it will be very difficult phase of life. Many people believe that the life of a celebrity couple is so nice and cool. They also enjoy every sphere of their lives as every couple faces tiffs in their relationships.

We can cite many examples of celebritieswho have separated from their partners after spending happy years with them. This may sound weird, but it is a reality.

As a natural result of years of slow growth on the outside, some couples choose to withdraw from the relationship. The dissolution of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman is a evidence of how celebrity couples break beneath pressure. Their wedding, hailed as the strongest aspects of show business, became a victim of their working lives. After nine years and eleven months of being together, for the most famous couples in Hollywood split.

Referring to the difficulties of differing races among them, accomplished that an agreeable partition seems best for each of them at this time, his spokeswoman, Pat Kingsley, and told the media. Family and kids must have a successful career of their own. Some couples are so caught up in their lives when they realize the potential harm is too late to repair the damage honorable. Internet is one of the best sources of information on famous couples.
Watch your traffic increase just by submitting articles with us, click here to get started. Liked this article? Click here to publish it on your website or blog, it's free and easy!

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Techniques On How To Make My Ex Boyfriend Want Me Back

Men are "more sane and collected than women" - don't hear than one much these days...

Winning a man's heart back takes a little more cunning than is expected. If you want to be successful at how to get him back, you'd find a way to try out tips and tricks for the given circumstance. Without meaning to be sexist, men are actually more sane and collected than women are. They have a clear standard of what they initially want out of women. Now the problem is that those standards are quite hard to reach. But if you are determined and open minded, you definitely will achieve your heart's desires. So if you are curious about how to make my ex boyfriend want me back points, then you better pay attention to what comes next.

The first thing men look for in women is a sense of confidence. It's such a broad term that you'd actually find it difficult to pinpoint where to start building it up if you didn't know any better. But the best way for you to achieve this is to start working out on your figure. The more happy you are with your looks, the more confident you will appear to your ex and other men. Live a healthy and active lifestyle.

The next thing men appreciate in women is a better sense of self. They appreciate women who know how to conduct themselves properly in and out of public. Yes, you should be yourself among people. But you should also filter your character so you do not cross other people, especially your ex. Relinquish your bad traits and develop constructive ones. You have to know how to act in certain situations.

The third thing men like about women is their sense of service. Women should be able to enrich themselves and still support their men. If you want to know how to get him back, you've got to learn how to take care of him domestically. Men only take women seriously if they know what their role in his life is. So learn how to cook, clean, and do the laundry as soon as possible, while still maintaining your position as a career-oriented woman. Nothing can be more impressive than an independent but caring woman.

But of course, you should also take into consideration additional tips to hasten your progress. Obviously, all of the stated advice will take a lot out of you. But if you want more "how to make my ex boyfriend want me back" methods, I would suggest you browse to my website for juicy facts and romance coaching.

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Body Language Made Easy For Women

 A lot of women don't know about body language and its significance. Body language is a technique that you can use to attract any man of your dream easily. This technique has been working for many women.

If you know how to use body language, you will be able to attract any man that you want and make him to become your husband. Many men like women who use body language.

You can also know how to influence people by using your body.

Winning arguments would be easy for you because your body would finish the whole job for you.

The experience of body language would equally help you to know what signals men are sending to you. This is very important as many women cannot understand signals from men who have interest in them. As a woman, you need to be able to understand signals from men.

You can equally use the experience of body language to easily know when men are lying to you. Whether you like it or not, many men are liars. They lie to women and deceive them a lot.

It is now very clear that you can simply use the experience of body language to flirt, detect liars, and know when men are attracted to you.

Now that you have known the importance of body language, it is time for you to start learning the secrets. Even if you are a shy and timid type of woman, you will enjoy success with this technique. You will be surprised on how you can use the technique to instantly put any man at ease and you would become a queen or goddess before him.

Feeling confidence has remained a big challenge to many women but this technique will help you to look and feel more confident.

This technique is equally useful to married women. If your husband is a romantic man, he will so much appreciate you. If you are a single woman, getting a husband would be very easy for you if you know how to apply body language technique. Whether you are a single, divorced or married woman, learn woman body language.

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Reasons in Joining Online Dating Sites other than to Meet Local Singles

There are quite many social network sites that are being developed and published today to serve as a virtual place to meet local singles. Members may start with just a simple chat to get to know their newly met friend deeper. The getting to know stage may eventually lead to dating or even deeper and more intimate.  Some of these social network sites are the Facebook, Friendster, Twitter, Multiply and another popular types of social network site are the online dating sites.  If you would notice, there are lots of online dating sites today and this only means that the demands for these kinds of sites are also increasing.  

Online dating sites do not limit its members to just meet local singles in their area.  You may also meet people from all over the world. However, wouldn't it be more interesting to find someone in your area and later on meet them personally? Also, not just meet them but also eventually build a more intimate relationship with them. is one of the best online dating sites to meet local singles. It is a free online dating site that allows you post photos, chat, and update status and a lot more. And what is great about this site is that everything that is offers is for free.
Since we have concluded that social network sites and online dating sites are intended to meet local singles, the reasons of people behind joining are not limited to that.  These sites are now used in various ways such as for exchanging of ideas and culture comparison. It can also be a virtual place for you to express yourselves by posting your favorite video, music and a lot more. But despite all these, what other reasons could there be that interest them to join these sites?

Here are some of the reasons why people join online dating sites:

1.    People join these sites primarily to meet local singles.  This reason lies in the top of their objectives.  Dating professional even concluded that most people who join this kind of sites are hoping to find their true and perfect match in it.  And most of these people are considered introvert so they prefer to meet people through the internet rather than going out and personally meet friends.

2.    Some members aim to meet new friends while some of them hope to find the old ones. Thinking that their old friends are also members of some of these sites. Who knows? You may be lucky enough to find your old friends who have gone to live in other countries.

3.    Most of the members of an online dating site simply love to talk to someone. They feel that chatting suppresses their stress so they wanted to chat with just about anything with other people even if they do not know them deeply.  

4.    Uploading of photos and writing of blogs is one best way to express your true selves and show everyone what the things you are being proud of are. These sites can be your outlet of emotion and true feelings.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Girlfriend To Wife Relationship Changes

Beware of cultural expectations...

All over the world, many young girls and ladies are going into relationships and dating with men with the hope of getting married to the men. The desire of many ladies is to get a husband and become a wife. It is now very unfortunate that many men who start relationships with many ladies have different intentions.
There are several cases whereby many men would date some ladies for several years and still dump the ladies at the end. This is very painful.

Many ladies have experienced rejection, disappointment and heartbreaks in their relationships with men and this has made a lot of them to weep.

As a lady, you may be finding it difficult to get a man to marry you. The relationship that you are right now is not secured. You don't know where it will end to -- heartbreak or marriage. You are still in suspense. You will only need to increase your chances of going from girlfriend to wife.

To help yourself out, you would not just be in a relationship and relax. You don't have to keep waiting for your man to propose marriage to you. You must make effort to persuade him to marry you. You need to be doing things that will make him to like you more and develop interest in raising you from girlfriend to wife.
The first step you would take is to make sure that the man really loves you with all his heart. When you have noticed that he loves you with all his heart, you will start doing things that would make him happy. You can render surprising help to his mother, father, brother or sister. You can also wish to render the help to him. The goal here is to treat his family members very well.

If you treat his family members very well, they will all like you and before you know it. They will start begging you to come into their family. They would also persuade your man to marry you because they have come to like you.

Apart from this technique, there are various ways that you can use to get a man to marry you and you would go from girlfriend to wife.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Your Man Runs When You Just Want Him to Commit

Guys can find lots of excuses...

Are you currently involved with what I like to call a runner?
What's a runner you might ask?
Good question.

A runner is a guy who seems to bolt literally or figuratively the moment the word, commitment gets brought up.

He's the guy who tries to talk himself out of any long term arrangements or plans with you and finds a way to make it seem like it is not his problem that he is not willing to commit to you.
Lots of women end up with runners. And they often get their hearts broken by these guys as they place so much of their hopes and dreams on men who cannot assume any kind of long term thinking when it comes to relationships.

How do you deal with a guy like this?

Most of the time, if you think that you will somehow be able to change him or make him see the light... all you are going to do is end up with a broken heart when he finally decides to leave you.
Sure, there are times when you can change the way that a guy feels about committing to a relationship with you. There are situations when all he really needs is just a little push in the right direction.
You have to be able to tell the difference between a guy who needs that little push and a guy who is not worth the time and energy to try and make him change.

It's not easy to tell the difference.

The runners can be pretty smooth when they talk. They can be pretty good actors and be phony about their real intentions.

My suggestion for most women who are dealing with a guy who constantly runs when the commitment talk gets going is to cut bait and admit that maybe he is not the one.

Realize that although he may be attractive to you in almost every which way... this is a big issue for him to fall short on. And unless you are willing to waste months an even years of your time with the slight hope that he may one day come to his senses... it is much easier to just look for the kind of guy who does not run.
They are out there.

You just need to know where to look for them and what to do when you find them so that they are taken aback by you and want to see what life could be like with you by their side.

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Online Dating Service Reality

Many people are actually looking for true love and their perfect match but sadly, these people cannot be  found in clubs and parties. Surprisingly but true, many of them or almost all of them can now be found in relationships. We do know a lot of people who are happily married with their partners whom they met online. Because they were able to match all their commonalities and even complemented their differences.

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Online Dating For Adults Is Just The Beginning of the Fun

Have you ever thought about online dating? If you have tried the traditional "song and dance" at meeting at your local bar, you probably returned home in defeat, right? Going to bars alone and picking up people, simply isn't the best way to meet people that you want and with your same interests.

If you have struggled to meet the man or woman of your dreams or if you have failed to meet someone that you would even consider having a fling with, then join the sad club. Fortunately, many people have recognized their defeat have elected to do something about it. They have tried to increase their luck and date others with the help of online dating services, many of which are free! Personally, I have used several dating online services which have worked out great. I have met really interesting people who I have gone on to have nice friendships and relationships.

But what happens, when you just want a casual fling? What happens when you want a no-questions meet up of an attractive person? If you have fantasized about meeting a stranger and want to make it a reality, why not try one of the many on-line dating sites that are specifically catered to adults.
By trying many of the adult dating services out there, you can finally have the opportunity to meet some very interesting people who could make your day

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Men Who Want To Keep Their Woman

Foresight is always better than hindsight.

Want to know the common mistakes that many men make to scare away their girlfriends, BEFORE YOU actually make the mistakes? It's a good idea to know what could potentially ruin your relationship with your girlfriend so you don't do those things to ruin the relationship. And certain mistakes are made by guys over and over again, which a lot of times results in their woman breaking up with them.

In fact, if you ask any single woman she will say that all her ex boyfriends didn't understand at least 1 of the following 3 things (if not all 3) and that the fact that they just didn't get it contributed to the break up.
Show Her That You Love Her Without Giving Her Anything

You don't have to go overboard with this by sending her flowers everyday and showering her with constant love, but you do have to show her that you love her and care about her on a regular basis. In fact, giving her tons of gifts and helping her with all of her problems may not be the best way to show your love. Many women don't view gifts as a sign of love, but rather a sign of knowing what she wants, or even sometimes trying to buy her off.

If you want to show her that you love her then tell her that you love her, look at her like you love, and treat her like you love her. Show her respect and compassion, listen to her when she wants to share something with you, and spend quality time with her which will make her feel as though your relationship is committed and in tact.

Hear Her!
I can't say this enough to you! You have to listen to her, and by that I mean actually hearing the words that are coming out of her mouth and acknowledging them as well as her feelings behind them. It's not as complicated as it may seem and it takes very little effort when you actually want to hear what she is saying.
Picture this: You start talking to your girlfriend and she slowly nods off into her own head. A blank stare and a nod of the head are all you ever get from her. That's what many women feel about their boyfriends, and this bad listening is the reason many women break up with their boyfriends! A woman needs to be heard.
Don't Be Super Honest!

Honesty is always the best way to go, unless you are going to offend her or make her feel horribly bad! In that case it's better just to say nothing at all or tell her something that won't offend her or make her feel bad.
A common example of this is "Do I look fat?" Don't ever answer yes as that is not the answer she is looking for. She wants to hear that you love her body and appreciate it, not that you think it's fat, and THAT'S exactly how you should respond. Tell her how beautiful she is to you and how great she looks every single day.
If you hurt a woman's feelings too often she's going to start to associate you with her low self-esteem. You are bringing her down and making her bad after all, so you will eventually get dumped by displaying this type of behaviour. Instead make her feel good and uplift her self-confidence.

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Ways To Win Back a Past Boyfriend

Both sacrifice and adaptation go shoulder to shoulder with every relationship. In the event that you notice yourself inquiring "just how can I go back together with my previous man?" you will will want to maintain those two elements of affairs in mind. There is nothing basic about repairing a broken affair, but the proceeding information may assist you get started.

As an alternative to simply questioning "how can I settle together with my previous lover?" you should in fact ask yourself why the romance fall flat in the beginning. Right after you can discover the cause of the split-up, you can operate on improving the conditions that were recent.

 So, how can you get back together with your old boyfriend? Stated above, it isn't simple.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vigilance for a Chance To Get Your Ex Back

Don't miss an opportunity to get your ex back.

Do you have a chance to get your ex back? Well, you can instantly address that question provided you are sensitive to and aware of what your ex has been doing so far. Words and actions can u can find out a lot about what a person is feelings simply by analyzing his behavior. And with guided analysis, you'd be able to figure out what would be the best way for you to approach getting back together with an ex.

1. Friendship. People who break up do not usually embrace the chance for friendship because of pride. However, sometimes, it does happen. And if you are engaged in that type of extended relationship with your ex, there is a big chance in the future that you are getting back together with him. Chances are, your ex is just taking a breather and checking the waters. If he stands by you like he was still your boyfriend, but this time as a friend, he might just be waiting for the right time to get back together with you again.

2. Constant communication. If your ex wasn't that keen on being with you anymore, he wouldn't be picking up the phone and dialing your number every now and then. An ex who does that is someone who is not willing to move on from you and is looking for a shot at redemption.

3. Generosity. There's no reason for an ex boyfriend to be purchasing gift items for you after you've parted ways. It doesn't make sense. No person would be presenting gifts to another that he isn't connected to. An ex will only intrude in your life and want to be confused for someone who's still interested if he, in fact is. If your ex still gives you flowers or chocolates, the answer to do you have a chance to get your ex back is a big YES.

Now, I do understand how overwhelming the realization can be for you. But you shouldn't go announcing your conclusions and making the first move. You might just fall flat on your face and frustrated if he denies it. Upon finding things out, the best thing you could do is to keep moving on with your life. Accept his advances as they come but never invest your self in the thought of a relationship with him until there is a clear understanding of what actually his intentions are. This way, you don't compromise your life for the aspiration of getting back together with an ex.
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The End of One Relationship Can Mean the Beginning Of Another

It's only natural that you would not want a relationship to come to an end. As a general rule, people don't like things to change too much and a relationship ending can represent a pretty big change that you are now going to have to deal with. There is much to be said about trying to hold onto someone that you care about and love, but sometimes that just cannot be done. Sometimes, things do have to come to an end and you do have to come to terms with this.

While it can be sad when this happens, there is another way to look at things. You can see it from the perspective of a more positive outlook on things. When one relationship comes to and end, it usually means that a new one is just about to begin. I know, it sounds a little corny to talk about it like that. It is the truth, though.

You have to be able to move on from the past to move towards the future, right?

If you are dealing with the uncertainty that often comes with the end of the relationship, then it is understandable why there may be a part of you that would want to find a way to salvage the one that you just got out of. But, if that can not be done, then you may want to think about it as a opportunity to find someone who may be better for you.

What can really help is to use this time that you have to better yourself in many ways, so that the next one that comes along will be a better situation over all.

If you had a lot of arguments in the last relationship about finances, for example, you can use this time to get that part of your life in order so that when you find someone new to date, that is no longer much of an issue. Or, if there were many arguments over the way that you let yourself go, then you can use this time to get in shape, get more organized, etc.

The other thing that you can use this time for is to learn a little bit more about attraction and what causes it in the first place. Knowing how to create attraction with someone is something that many people do not know how to do, yet it can be one of the best skills that you can pick up. All in all, you have a choice for how you want to look at things and deal with them. You can be cynical and sad or you can be positive and look forward to what may be down the road for you.

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Love Can Be Simple If You Let It Be

It would be pretty accurate, I think, to say that people tend to make love a lot more complicated than it has to be. One of things that people tend to do is to set rules that the other person has to live by in order for it to be truly love in their eyes, and yet, they won't really tell the other person what those rules are. They expect that the right person would just know what they are. While it would be nice if it worked out that way, most of the time you will find that the other person is not aware of all of your "rules" and that can lead to a lot of arguing and other complications.

It can be a lot simpler than all of that.

A way to do this is to step back and realize that most of the time, those rules are simply YOUR ideas on the way a relationship should work. They are not necessarily the way that all relationships work and they are not necessarily the ONLY way that things should go. Just making that shift can reduce the amount of arguing that a couple has by a LOT.

Here's another way to make it simple for you:

Realize that love can be created. It's not some pie in the sky, one in a million kind of thing that people usually think it is. If you were to look at it from a more scientific perspective, you will see that you CAN kind of create love or at least set forth the foundation for it. When people think of it as being totally random, they kind of make themselves powerless and they can also make themselves feel very insecure about losing love.

When you see that you are not nearly as powerless to create love as you might suspect, you are a lot less likely to try and hang on to it so tightly and you are a lot less likely to feel like you can never have it.

The science behind love has brought a few things to light that should make you see how simple it can be. When the right conditions are created, the communication between two people is clear, and you have a general idea of the psychology behind attraction... you can make someone fall in love with you. Of course, they too have a choice in the matter, but you will be better off than most people are and much more likely to get the one that you want to fall in love with you.

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Get that Spark Back In A Boring Relationship - Take a Trip!

It happens in the best relationships

Longevity is admirable yet it's also a cause for fall-outs between a lot of couples. Sad to say but there are those who feel they've been together too long, they just can't stand it anymore. But this phase can be altered easily. You will find a number of methods on how to get the spark back in a boring relationship that could assist you in avoiding possibly thinking about how to get your ex back. One of the most commonly advised is engaging in new adventures together. Make the world your playground.

1. Hawaii. Hawaii is among the world's top vacation spots. It is composed of eight main islands, with each providing visitors various opportunities for fun-filled exploits. In Hawaii, you can go camping, boarding, parasailing or immersing in their rich cultural history. A trip to Hawaii would surely be a fulfilling and groundbreaking experience for you and your partner which I'm sure would help you manage how to get the spark back in a boring relationship.

2. Italy. This country is another stimulating destination for couples who want to engage in memorable activities. has a few of the most romantic and engaging cities in the world, including Rome and Florence, to name a few. In this country, you could go for a drive around the country as well as wine tasting, clubbing, swimming and indulging in delectable Italian cuisines. At night, you can go for a stroll, breathe in the sweet Italian air and watch people as they pass by. You can even choose to renew your commitment there and plan on a more promising and fulfilling future.

3. Africa. Africa is not the depressing country it often is labeled to be. It has a lot of wonderful things to offer as well. You and your partner can go sight seeing and perhaps rediscover African cultures with an educational trip. You can also go on a safari expedition and watch leopards, hyenas and wildebeest up close and in action. You can visit Egypt and other biblically significant countries. And if you can manage it, you could aslo help out the United Nations and Red Cross. And of course, you can also stretch yourself out in a recliner in beach and spa resorts that are situated all over the continent.

Honestly, there's so much more solutions you can explore to referesh a worn out relationship. Just look for ideas on how to get the spark back in a boring relationship and carry them out. Trying is better than giving up and then having to deal with frustration over how to get your ex back.

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How to Write a Letter to Your Cheating Husband That Expresses Your Feelings And Gets Results


My husband cheated on me and I feel so betrayed and angry with him. Is there a way that I can tell him how I feel without lashing out at him and pushing him farther away from me?


If you're struggling to deal with your husband's affair or cheating ways, you're not alone. Many women say they feel alone and don't know what to do next. A great place to start sorting out your feelings and emotions is to write a letter to your husband. But be careful when writing the letter because most likely your feelings will change towards your husband in the coming weeks and months. Also, the letter you write will set the tone for your recovery. And as has happened before, letters like this usually lead to hurt feelings and misunderstandings between couples.

However, I understand your reasoning for wanting to write a letter. Often times, it's difficult to put hard feelings into words. And usually what ends up happening to us is we choke up and cry or break down when we're trying to express ourselves. So naturally we feel like writing down our thoughts and feelings would be more effective. Now I can't write the letter for you, but I'm going to give you an idea of what to write below.

Using a Letter to Release Your Thoughts about the Affair

The first letter you write may not even necessarily go to your husband. Many women find it beneficial to write this kind of letter because it allows them to release extremely painful feelings. In fact I encourage you to do this. If you don't want to write a letter for your husband, that's ok, but I think you should do one for yourself that no one else sees.

The best part about writing this kind of letter is that you don't have to censor yourself or worry about how the letter will be perceived by others.

After the letter has been written, it's a good idea to hide it or better yet, burn it because it's not meant for anyone but you. Since you're the only one reading the letter, don't hold back, let it all out. Go crazy and let it all out and then put the letter away where no one can find it. The letter is a way for you to release your trapped feelings inside you, it's not meant to be shared with anyone else. Now that we've talked about the letter you write to yourself, let's take a look at a letter that will benefit both you and your husband.
The Purpose Behind Your Letter

Before you craft your letter, take a minute to think about its real purpose. What do you want your husband to take away after he reads it?

Many women write letters hoping to make their husbands feel guilty or ashamed about their affair. They're trying to get the point across to them about the pain the affair caused. They want to give him a small glimpse into their lives so he can see just how damaging the affair was.

I completely understand your rational. But this is why you need to understand what you want your letter to say and what you want your husband to take away from it when he's done reading it. Women may not admit this to themselves, but the core issue behind writing letters is to improve the situation. Women hope that as their husbands read the words of the letter, they'll understand how their actions affected their lives and pledge to never cheat again.

The problem is that it usually has the opposite effect. It's true that the letter will make your husband feel guilty. But may husbands also see the letter as a continuation of things. In response to this type of letter, most men will usually say something like:

" she's not telling me anything I haven't already heard or don't already know.

I get it! I screwed up. But why do we need to keep going around in circles?

I've already told her that I was sorry and want to save the marriage. So how does her letter change things? All she's done is written down a conversation that we've already had? All this tells me is that I've let her down and disappointed her and she's just trying to rub it in. But that's nothing new. It's not necessary for her to repeat it."

This is the reason you need to know and understand what the objectives of your letter are before you sit down to write it and ask yourself if there's a chance that your husband could mis-interpret what you're saying or trying to get across to him.

What Your Letter Should Include

A well crafted letter will help a marriage improve, even after an affair. But you've got to be careful what you write. Because as you've seen from the example above, a well intended letter may actually miss the target and set the marriage back instead of moving it forward. The true power of your letter shines forth when you clarify and misconceptions or misunderstandings that the two of you had as well as outline your intent and plan for moving forward. Indeed, a letter written the right way can and will set the tone of your marriage for the next few weeks and months.

As an example, rather than just spouting off about the affair and how it's affected your life, you might want to include some details about how you would like to move forward and then outline what you need for that to happen and how. When writing your letter make sure it contains these 3 things: your current feelings, what your needs are and your future intentions. It's understandable that you'd want to include some information about how the affair has affected your life, but don't make that the sole focus of the letter or else you won't get what you need from your husband.

After you've expressed your feelings in the letter, the next thing you should include is what you need from your husband in the coming weeks and months. If you need more reassurance, accountability or affection, the letter is the perfect time and place to ask. It's easier to put these things in writing sometimes, especially when we've been deeply hurt. But the best thing for both parties involved is that it's written down and documented so your husband can refer to it again and again any time he has questions about what you need from him to move forward in your marriage.

Lastly, spell out your intentions moving forward. Most husbands aren't sure what their wives need from them after an affair. So if you want to save your marriage after an affair, take time to write down your feelings and expectations for your husband that tell him exactly what you need and how he can help get you there.

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Will My Ex Fall In Love With Me Again

Sometimes the old wisdom is the best...

Are you curious about how to make your ex fall in love with you again? Well, you're in luck because I am about to address that age old problem. The basic principle behind the steps I am about to introduce is to initiate something NEW

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How To Talk Dirty – Discovering The Appropriate Voices For Dirty Talking

The question how to talk dirty is not a trivial thing anymore among women. In fact, many ladies now understand that dirty talking can be a great help in improving intimate relationships with their husbands. If you also want to know how to do dirty talking, you must also know that various things contribute to make this possible for many women.

Aside from words to use, it's also essential to know that the voice while talking dirty would play an important role in making this possible. Here are some of the things you must know when it comes to voice while dirty talking.

What voice to use
Upon hearing the question how to talk dirty, the first thing that comes to a woman's mind is that the voices should have higher pitch than the regular speaking voice. This brings problems to women who have lower voices than other women. Actually, it's not about having a higher voice than the usual but it's the overall sound. It should be softer and more sensual than the usual speaking voice. This gives birth to the term bedroom voice among people. Fortunately, having this kind of voice is simple to do once in the middle of lovemaking since it instantly become spontaneous and how to talk dirty will start by saying words in a sensual way.
Voice depending on the mood
Want to go wilder while lovemaking or would you like to be more sensual? Voice will again meet the mood people want to set when it comes to lovemaking. More sensual lovemaking would have softer voices to be the perfect choice. However, doing wilder role play may allow women to talk in a louder voice than the usual especially if it's the mood they want to set. Some guys would like to hear your voice more to ensure satisfaction.

Practice your voice
How to talk dirty is also about practicing. Although it may not seem to be common for some, practice will make it possible for women to talk dirty. Practice can be done during lovemaking and even while being alone. You'll immediately understand what makes your partner wild once they hear the dirty talks and the voice you use.

Overall, dirty talking is not just knowing the right words but also the voice you'll use. It can help the mood set during lovemaking and make it more intimate than the usual. Start practicing your voice and words so you can start dirty talking.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mend A Broken Heart - Three Pointers To Disregarding The Thought Of An Ex Boyfriend

In life, if you want something, you've got to work hard for it. And to mend a broken heart is no exception. Sometimes you can get it right on your first try. Other times, you don't have the facilities to secure victory. In which case, it would help a lot if were knowledgeable on a number of hints on how to forget an ex boyfriend. Well, good news for you, I have here some which have been effective for a number of people.

The first technique on mending a broken heart is keep your eye on the future. Don't allow yourself to spend any time thinking about what has happened. The "shoulda, woulda, coulda's" don't have to play a role anymore. See what else is in store for you and grab hold of it. The most important and effective way to take control of your life and forget your ex is to make the most of what the break up has given you. You'are now facing the door to a million riches. All you've got to do is say the magic word.
The second tip on how to mend a broken heart is to give yourself all the love you can muster. I understand how hard it has been for you so far emotionally. Well, this I can assure, there is no better feeling to have self love and respect. You can't expect others to stay true to you no matter what so might as well give yourself the most of your affection. Think about it. You only feel sad about the break up because of the thought of not being loved. There is no written rule stating only your ex can satisfy that. You can give it try. You'll be surprised at how much better you feel afterwards.
The third trick on how to forget an ex boyfriend is to make the most out of what you are doing. If there is extra work to be fulfilled, take it. If there is a party invite, attend. Tour around the world. Take on any adventure so long as you are not harming yourself or others. Remember, if you stop obsessing about negative things and open your mind up, it will provide some space for the universe to rush in and fill it with amazing things.

If you desire to read more recommendations on how to mend a broken heart, my site is packed with the information you need.

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Why Emotional Infidelity Is More Dangerous Than Physical Infidelity

Most would usually think that emotional infidelity is less serious than physical infidelity but both share the same devastating effects as having a physical affair.

It can in fact elicit forbidden relationships especially when you are too attached with an individual other than your spouse. Emotional infidelity comes in when one's emotional needs are unmet.

This leads to the association of an individual with someone other than his or her spouse. A person committing emotional infidelity does not even have the slightest idea that he is committing such forbidden acts.

There are too many justifications that the signs of impending danger are often overlooked.

Emotional infidelity is much more profound than physical infidelity. Ever heard of the adage "there is nothing so seductive as that which is forbidden"?

With physical infidelity, it is easy for a man or a woman to get over the situation.

Both can be considered cheating but with emotional infidelity the betrayal is kept hidden. When you fantasize about someone or you have lustful feelings toward someone it can grow into something more serious that may put your marriage at risk.

This happens when you see the person you are fantasizing about on a daily basis and you seem to be so attached with each other. Physical infidelity takes place when you hold hands, touch or kiss.

There are warning signs of physical and emotional infidelity and these are something you should watch for if you want to save your marriage.

Since physical infidelity is rooted from emotional infidelity, you should pay heed first to the signs of emotional infidelity and this may include:

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Online Singe Parent Dating

Dating can be difficult for people of any age and in any circumstances, but it can seem especially difficult for the single parent. Dating websites have cropped up all over the Internet and these offer a simple and convenient way to safely meet people. You can chat to prospective dates, look at their profiles, and view images of them before you decide whether or not to go on that nerve wracking but exciting first date with a particular person.

One of the main benefits of online single parent dating is the opportunity to vet potential dates before you take time out of your parenting schedule to meet them. Arranging a babysitter, finding a time you can both meet, and then going on a date can seem like a real waste of time if the date isn't a success or if you don't have a good time.

Using an online single parent dating website also means that you are able to meet people that are in the same boat as you. They will be more understanding of your needs when arranging dates and when chatting to you. They will have experience of the emotions that you are going through, and you will have this same understanding of their own situation. This mutual understanding can prove a strong basis for a relationship.

There are single mums and dads all over the world who don't ordinarily find the time or opportunity to meet potential dates. Many single parents don't go out to work, which is one of the most common places to meet a new partner, and few have the time to go out socialising on a regular basis. Chatting online and getting to know people is a great way to find the time

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Making the Extra Email Attempt in Online Dating

Are we giving up potential online relationships too easily?

Recently I wrote an article discussing the topic of a man re-contacting a woman after his first email was unsuccessful, (that is, she may have looked at his profile but didn’t respond).

In that article, I discussed how the reader had a theory that contacting later could be beneficial because she may be more able to respond at that time. This wasn’t something that I had considered in my original article on contacting a second time (but an idea I liked)...

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Office Romances: Rules for Winter Work Parties

We all know office romances are dangerous, but sometimes the low-hanging fruit 
is too tempting...

Office romances are nearly always a bad idea. As the rather crude phrase puts it...

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Revealing That You Met Online

Must we feel ashamed that we met online?

Have you found success with online dating but now you or your significant other is struggling to admit to others how you met? Believe it or not, my wife and I have actually been there as well.

At a company Christmas party several years ago we were in a group of at least 6 people (perhaps more, my memory fails me) and everyone was talking about how they met. When it came to my wife and I, we weren’t embarrassed: we simply stated that we met on

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Your Online Communication Can Reveal More Than You Wish

Being new to online dating and growing comfortable with online dating both share one risk for people if they’re not careful: revealing far too much personal information far too early.
Early this month a reader contacted me with the following question:

I’m new to online dating and I’ve just started to chat with people and will be seeing a couple of them next week.

What I’m concerned with is giving out personal information. I just finished chatting on skype with one guy, and realized I had already given him my full name, phone number, and my birthday (not on purpose). He was also asking where I grew up, though I didn’t tell him where I was born. I’m just worried that being so new to online dating in general that I may get used very easily.

My question is, how do I know whether the guy is just curious or if he could actually be wanting to steal my identity or something?

Does This Situation Present and Identity Theft Issue?

Generally speaking, I don’t think identity theft is a huge problem with online dating…or at least not the biggest problem. I’m sure it happens but generally the scams I hear about seem to be more interested in tricking people into willingly sending money as opposed to stealing your identity.

That having been said, even if identities aren’t being stolen we all need to be cautious on what information we reveal. In the example above:

I think first name is good enough. If you switch to personal email and your mail account reveals your first and last name, keep that in mind and be sure you’re comfortable with that. A first name is plenty for a long time to be honest.

Giving out phone numbers isn’t much of a risk…aside from the fact that they might start making harassing phone calls (but honestly I don’t think that happens very often). My preference was to go straight from email to a first date but plenty of people use the phone and I honestly don’t see giving out a phone number as much of a risk.I can see how birthdays might come up innocently enough but that’s something that doesn’t seem necessary to talk about so early in getting to know one another.

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Re-Contacting Women and Online Dating Success

When should you re-connect with someone after the first communication?

Recently, a reader wrote to ask questions about re-contacting women at some point after the first email. He also talked a bit about my personal success compared to his and I wanted to address both of these areas in this article.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

First Dates Fail for Same Reason?

A reader recently wrote me with a very unique situation that was leading to multiple unsuccessful first dates.
In many cases, failed first dates can be a mystery: did she not like my personality? Was he not attracted to me? On the other hand, sometimes we know exactly why we are seeing failed dates…we just don’t know how to respond to them.

In this case, my reader knew exactly why he was struggling on the first dates but wasn’t sure how to correct the situation. Here’s part of his email:

I have really enjoyed reading your site and online dating guide. Based on your information, I am making some serious changes to my online dating approach. But I do have a question that I have not seen addressed in any of the literature I have read and I am hoping you may have some insight or suggestion.

About two years ago I stumbled upon a group of modern-day monks called the Ishayas and learned a prayer / meditation teaching called the Ishayas’ Ascension. I fell in love with the teaching and now share it all over the United States. I also joined the Ishaya Order and as part of my vows, I wear a wedding ring. I assure you that I am not married, not engaged, nor have I ever been either.

However, as I am sure you can imagine this comes up quite often when I meet women. I have not found a graceful approach to handling it yet, except for telling the truth which often ends up in a long conversation that can range from religion, belief, spiritual enlightenment, philosophy, etc. All pretty heavy subjects for a first date and almost always with me doing most of the talking.

The responses so far have ranaged from being flat-out called a liar to ending up as more of a teacher than a potential love interest. Any thoughts?

Specific Example, General Approach
I realize that many readers may read this person’s experience and say, “Well I’m not a monk so this advice won’t help me”.

Not so! I realize that this is a very specific example but the response to dates failing for one specific reason has a general approach. Sure, your situation will differ: your failed dates might instead be caused by revealing information about your job, your relationship history, or any number of items. That being the case, the advice remains the same so keep reading...

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Stop Failing at Online Dating

“I can’t believe it,” my friend, Mickey said to me when the commercial first aired.
“I’ve been telling you guys for over 5 years, you need to have an online dating profile,” I replied.
Everyone I know that’s late to the online dating game was shocked when’s commercial said 1 in 5 relationships begin online. However, just because some people were shocked, that doesn’t mean everyone was. In fact, there were a lot of people that thought “I’ve been doing this for a long time now. When will it happen for me”

I am huge advocate for women dating online because there are a number of good men on those sites, which means better chances of finding a long term relationship. However, while I definitely advise women to go online, I also advise them to not make online dating their ONLY option for meeting men. When I see women frustrated with online dating, I often ask what other methods they’re using.
They don’t do anything other than email guys back and forth, look at pictures and profiles, and go on the occasional date. In order for online dating to really work, one has to come from behind the computer screen and interact. Not just interact with men, but interact with life.

If you find yourself in an online dating rut, try out this new approach.

Make your love life 3-D

I tell women all the time that living a 3-D lifestyle is essential to attracting (and keeping) love. A 3-D lifestyle is simply this: 1/3 of your time should be spent doing activities that attract men...

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Two Different Types of Friends with Benefits Relationships

Research in the Social Sciences field delves into many curious subjects...

Initial research on casual sex has revealed two different types of friends with benefits relationships.

“Pure” friends with benefits occur between existing friends and involve physical gratification, as well as emotional intimacy.

“Sex buddy” relationships tend to occur with strangers or acquaintances and only involve physical gratification. If you’ve experienced either of these relationships we’d love to hear your experiences.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Standing Out on Dating Sites

Posted on October 24th, 2011 by Brad under: dating profiles

I have a friend named Kate Houston who I have talked about from time to time on this website. She runs a really unique service: she helps people write great online dating profiles in really unique ways. I like her work because she helps people “market” themselves instead of just “talk” about themselves…and I think there’s a big difference! You can see some examples of how she’s helped people at her website

Recently, Kate was interviewed by the TV channel King 5 in Seattle. I thought this was a really interesting (and helpful) interview and wanted to share it with everyone:

I thought it was interesting how Kate isn’t only helping people with dating profiles but also with LinkedIn profiles and even Facebook (although I guess that makes sense!).

I really liked the discussion “understanding your target”. I guess that phrase isn’t exactly romantic but it’s really true. A lot of people I talk to seem to only be concerned with what other people would like in them, totally abandoning what they’re looking for in a person…and I always do my best to encourage my readers to stop doing that. Online dating isn’t a one-way proposition where you should accept the first person that accepts you! You should be looking for particular qualities and I think Kate’s advice was great here on writing in a way that would resonate with the type of person you’re interested in dating.

I hope you like the video. If you interested, you can also see my take on creating your dating profile in my article step-by-step online dating profile creation guide. You can see the full article from Kate’s interview at

Looking for more dating advice? Check out my free online dating ebook..

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eHarmony's New 12 Rules of Dating - Some Amendments

Eh, we might as well netter about this eHarmony list, posting their 12 rules of dating. eHarmony somehow became the AOL/Yahoo of dating sites, and we mean that in the "get with the times, grandpa!" way. But they've nevertheless stumbled upon a decent list, much of it being the same things we say here all the time, only without the needless slideshow of stock images to go with each paragraph.

Some more things to consider:

Get used to getting less attention - The electronic age is filled with distractions, and it's also brought global reach to our fingertips. The result: more Long-Distance Relationships between people who are too busy half the time with work, school, and recreation. Having a relationship in the 2000s might mean less cuddle-time and more a text message between breakfast and the 6 o'clock news.

Be more forgiving of faults - The eHarmony list makes a point, twice, that your online history and every drunken picture of yourself is online forever for everyone to see. Yes, and the flipside of that is that we can all stand to be a little more tolerant of a potential mate's dirty laundry. Because we all have our own, don't we?

Show off more - To add to the whole "your online history is with you forever" thing: what about if you left some positive things for potential dates to find? Your blog about your crazy hobby, your discussion online where you gave some helpful advice to a clueless newbie, your membership in the Electronic Frontier Foundation, pictures of you accepting first place in the spelling-bee contest. People today are looking for deep, multifaceted personalities, people who are driven and passionate and accomplish things.

Be more secure and self-confident - Quit worrying about yourself so much! If you even care about being attractive, you're ahead of most of the heels out there already.
Posted byJodie BrittainatSaturday, September 03, 2011

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ways to Test a First Date

We don't advocate your trying these kinds of things on a first date. The first time, you'll be too nervous and awkward around each other to get much mileage out of these. What these are, are ideas for the third date and up - when you're through assessing whether they're someone you'd want to spend more time with and now it's just a question of seeing if you're right for each other.

#1. Go for a little trip together. This can be as simple as driving across the city, or perhaps taking a chartered boat across the harbor. Traveling, just the two of you, you get to see how your date handles functional activities instead of recreational ones. Driving, especially, is an easy one to read. If your date drives, do they impatiently race, or are they happy to go with the flow of traffic? When they park, do they pick the first open space or do they circle the lot three times looking for the closest possible space? If you drive, is your date comfortable with you in control? If it's a trip, is your date anxious and fidgety, not knowing what to do with themselves?

#2. Take a walk in the park. This is kind of a way to get the two of you away from distractions. Without food, drinks, music, or activities, you'll have nothing to do but just chat with each other. If you both feel awkward, this might be a sign that you're not cut out for each other. If you settle down beneath a tree and spend hours just enjoying each other's company, that's an excellent sign!

#3. Run some errands with your date. The third date or so is probably the time you can be excused to have a few events in everyday life intrude on your leisure life, anyway. So before you get the date-proper underway, just explain that you have to do one quick thing forst and offer to take them along. Nothing complicated! Pick up the dry cleaning, grab a couple of things at the market, or maybe you promised to feed the neighbor's pet while they're out... don't make it something that takes longer than 20 minutes. Is your date sporting enough that they'll want to come along? Do they act put off that they aren't the priority for even this minute? Do they 'team up' and help you?

#4. Play a game. Any social sport will do - a billiards round, a game of darts, miniature golf, ping pong, skee-ball, bocce, or bowling. You can even offer to compete for a round on your Wii! The point of this is to see how your date performs under competitive circumstances. Are they so driven that they must win at all costs? Are they sore losers? Insufferable winners? Remember that the way they play a competitive game is the exact same way they'll act in an argument. If your date is rooting for you to win and offers pointers on how to improve the game, even if you beat them, that's a great sign!

#5. Spend a full day together. This is a much more involving version of the two-hour date. Perhaps you can go to a resort, spend a day at the beach, or even go shopping together. Anything that will involve at least two meals during the length of time. This shows how your date hangs in there for the long haul. Watch for how they interact with other people: are they polite and courteous with waitresses and sales clerks? Do they get cranky if they get hungry? Do they get tired easily? Do you work well together as a team?

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