Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Dating tips for guys!!!

Everybody needs refreshers and tips for dating and the life of love. Miya and I share our personal preferences on dating and tips to ease those first date.

Top 10 Dating Tips for Women

Top 10 Dating Tips for Women: 10. Learn the art of combining sexy and cute. 9. Stop putting all your effort into improving your looks.

Online Dating Secrets to Being More Desirable

Some of OKCupid's most popular users reveal what they do to their profiles to score hundreds of messages.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Why Men Cheat?

I asked DJ Greg Street should open relationships become part of our culture considering a lot of men are having affairs.

Sinead O'Connor I'm Not Bossy Interview BBC Breakfast 2014

Sinead O'Connor chats to Bill and Sally on BBC Breakfast August 2014.

Is the "Ban Bossy" Campaign Counterproductive and Wrong?

Facebook COO and "Lean In" author Sheryl Sandberg is spearheading a campaign to "ban bossy" as a descriptor for girls who show leadership skills. Beyonce, Ja...

Ban Bossy: Does it have the facts straight?

Ban Bossy's star-studded brigade to empower girls to lead has garnered lots of media attention. But does their leader, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, have all...

Monday, December 22, 2014

To Find A Man

The platonic friendship between two high school youths is explored through the attempts to get the girl an abortion. Her young male friend offers his support and tries to find her a doctor....

Astrology: Why Taurus Men Cheat!!

Horoscope regarding the full blooded Taurus male/female why this sign is misunderstood, and why they vanish/never call you again!


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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Feminist Control Freaks Want to Ban the Word "Bossy"

Feminism is a top down tool of the establishment which is used to promote cultural marxism, create thought criminals and police language.

"Ban Bossy" Campaign Causing Stir

Love it or hate it, chances are you've heard of Sheryl Sandberg's "Ban Bossy" campaign. Words like bossy send a message: don't raise your hand or speak up.

Why Men Cheat

Subscribe Every man is not a cheater but every man can and will cheat if pushed to a limit. I am not saying that all men will cheat at some point in their li...

Episode 737 | On the Clock - Bossy - Web Extra

NMiF Host Gene Grant leads The Line opinion panelists Tom Garrity, Sophie Martin, James Monteleone and Laura Sanchez in an extended discussion online about t...

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bruce's Girlfriend (Diana) is Bossy - Batman Wonder Woman in Kids Stuff 2

I Do not own this. It is taken from justice league animated series by DC and WB purely for entertainment and not for any commercial purpose.