Monday, November 5, 2012

We Live in a Box

We are ruled by our electronic devices today. there is much less human interaction than even 10 years ago. Take a look around you. In any average city you will see young, and even old people, in malls, offices, stores, and everywhere talking or texting on cell phones, laptops or whatever the device "du jour" is. I am old enough to remember when people used to get together in a local neighborhood and have parties and cookouts. They knew, interacted, and even loved their neighbors! Today, however, people seem to live their lives as "avatars". The real world has become so digital that we have forgotten what it is to be human to some extent.

Online dating is just another example of how our lives have become absorbed into a virtual, matrix-like pseudo reality, where very little one-on-one human contact and communication takes place.

I am not against trying to find a partner online, this is what this blog is mostly about after all. And it seems that that online dating is the most effective avenue for meeting available and compatible partners left to us. And there is a great advantage to what computers, in that area offer us as tools.

I just want to remind folks that the ultimate goal is face-to-face, real, flesh-and-blood human communication and interaction. Hugs, kisses, warm human contact, conversation and romance!

So the next time you are in a public place, and you see someone you may be potentially attracted to... speak up, introduce yourself, even act out. Because that is another, over-looked, old-fashioned, and forgotten modality for making friends and meeting prospective partners.